Dolphin ExplorersJoin us on this adventure and discover the richness of the marine environment.

The boat ride lasts 2 hours. Departing at the Cascais Marina, we will sail along the coast to Cabo da Roca (the most western point in Europe) and / or we will cross the mouth of the Tagus River to the East, heading south towards Cabo Espichel, sailing along the famous Lisbon Canyon (which can reach 1,000 meters in depth).

The great biodiversity

allows us to be surprised by the sighting of different marine animals, including Dolphins, Whales, Sharks and Birds. Every day, a new adventure. Ready to be a Dolphin Explorer?

“Memorable experiences and in just 2h. I’m on my 3rd time doing the tour, always lot of dolphins surfacing within an arm’s reach and they stay with us for 20 min! And not just dolphins, many seabirds, saw a sunfish once and breathtaking coastal landscapes.”

Francisco Martinho

“Friendly, fun and professional. Captain Rui and host Sara sped us through foggy water where after a while our patience was rewarded with a couple? of groups of dolphins swimming around and even under us. We hung around a nice long time with the dolphins.”

Caroline Van den Hauwe

“Wonderful experience with professionals. We enjoyed this trip so much, boat was safe, fast and comfortable. We saw so many dolphins just moving free in their natural living space, being happy and curious to see us. Kids were totally happy, everything was perfect!!!”

Ivana Haidova

“Nice people, safety first rules are applied, and they do respect the dolphins by not harcelons them, not staying too long and letting them come to the boat. And you’ll see plenty of dolphins! We did.”

Martin Kouchner


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